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Шрифт Panton бесплатно

Шрифт Panton бесплатно

If you're looking to beef up your font library, then Panton has got you covered. This fabulous modern typeface includes 34 different fonts, made up of 9 uprights, 9 italics and a bonus 16 icon sets! Easy to read, Panton is a great choice for using on everything from T-shirts to posters, thanks to its real softened geometric nature. Make it your go-to font for headlines of any size, or even for text blocks too.

Шрифт Panton бесплатно
Шрифт Panton бесплатно
Шрифт Panton бесплатно


With a whopping 34 different fonts, the Panton Font Family is wonderful choice for adding a unique typeface to your arsenal.
Choose from 9 unique weights to seamlessly tell your visual story: Thin, Extra Light, Light, Regular, Semi Bold, Bold, Extra Bold, Black and Heavy.
Each of the 9 weights comes in a standard upright style, as well as an italics style, offering even more choices.
Add some real fun with 16 different icon sets (that's more than 800 pictograms!) to beautifully complement your text.
Panton is known for its excellent legibility in both the Web and print design, thanks to its well-finished geometric designs, optimized kerning and softened geometric forms.
Perfect for headlines of any size, Panton is also great to use as text blocks that come in maximum and minimum variations.
You'll find Panton a great choice for using on graphic designs made for T-shirts, posters, logos, mugs, Websites, motion graphics and more.

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